Business Upgrade: Creating a Plan for Your Business Growth

Season #1

In this episode, I discuss creating a growth plan for your business as an experienced online coach or service pro. I walk you through my tool, Your Business Growth Blueprint™, to show you how to assess your business, identify your growth opportunities, set growth goals, create a growth action plan, and track your progress. This blueprint is a tool I use as a part of my framework, Your Savvy Business™ GROWTH Wheel. It is part of the G (Gather Your Business Goals + Desires) in the GROWTH Wheel.

What's in this episode:

Assessing Your Business [00:03:29] Assessing the business to determine what is working and what is not, examining the offers, workflows and systems, marketing and sales, and team members.

Identifying Growth Opportunities [00:07:00] Identifying and documenting opportunities for growth in the business, such as new revenue streams, products, services, partnerships, collaborations, and marketing strategies.

Setting Growth Goals [00:08:03] Setting intentional business growth goals that align with the overall business and life, identifying four goals to work towards over the next 90 days.

Creating a Growth Action Plan [00:10:16] The guest and Heather discuss creating a growth action plan to reach business goals, breaking them down into smaller components, assigning tasks, and tracking progress.

Tracking Progress [00:11:33] The guest emphasizes the importance of tracking progress and setting success metrics to assess whether goals are being met, and making decisions based on data rather than emotions.




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