From Viewers to Clients: Using YouTube to Grow Your Business with Jamar Diggs

Season #1

In this episode, I discuss the importance of using YouTube to grow your business by attracting high-quality leads and increasing sales with my guest, Jamar Diggs of J Diggs Media. Jamar emphasizes the importance of having a strategy and creating content that targets the problem-aware stage of potential clients. He also explains the difference between using YouTube as a creator/influencer and using it as a business owner. The episode covers the importance of visual branding, the five types of videos that online coaches and service providers should create, and the common mistakes that business owners make when launching their YouTube channel.

What's in this episode:

Creating Content for Problem-Aware Stage [00:02:35] 

Branding and Visual Cohesiveness [00:11:33] 

Five Video Types for YouTube Strategy [00:16:59] 

Importance of Strategy and Getting Viewers Off YouTube [00:15:28] 

Recommended number of videos per month + equipment [00:25:33] 

Five Common Mistakes When Launching a YouTube Channel [00:39:31]

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