From Pins to Profits: How to Drive Business Growth with Pinterest expert, Jana O

Season #1

In this episode, Pinterest expert Jana O. discusses how to drive business growth using Pinterest. Jana shares her expertise on leveraging Pinterest as a search engine. She covers how to create a Pinterest bio that attracts followers. We discuss how to use Pinterest for lead generation. She covers the three phases of Pinterest growth. Jana talks about the Pinterest plan that she uses how long you need to focus on pinning before looking at the ROI. Whether you're new to Pinterest or have dabbled in it before, this episode will provide you with valuable insights on harnessing Pinterest's potential to attract more clients and increase website traffic.

[00:07:19] Pinterest bio

[00:11:38] Lead generation with Pinterest

[[00:21:57] 3 Pinterest Phases

[00:35:28] Idea Pins 

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