Organizing Your Business For Growth with Workflow Strategist, Krystal Clark

Season #1

In this episode, Workflow Strategist Krystal Clark, CEO of Organize Your Empire®, joins me to discuss how to organize your business to set it up for growth. Krystal shares her expertise on creating systems and workflows that work with your business and how organizing your digital back office operations with systems and workflow automations can let you stress less and live more life outside of the office.

What's in this episode:

[00:04:56] 4 parts of the Organize Your Empire® framework

[00:09:12] Setting up your systems based on your service offerings

[00:13:33] Establishing routines with Inbox project management

[00:35:44] Efficient templates to maximize productivity and profitability

[00:44:53] How to save time and effort by automating your process

[00:47:33] How to personalize automated experiences while avoiding robotic interactions

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