5 Lessons I Learned When I Took a Break from my Coaching Business

Heather Crabtree, Your Savvy Business™ Coach + Growth Strategist holding a coffee cup in a kitchen sharing why it is important to have a signature framework for your online coaching or service based business.

I took a break of my coaching business and I want to share the valuable lessons I learned. These lessons will provide powerful insights into navigating the challenges and opportunities that come with running a business.


Taking a Step Back and Reflecting on Your Accomplishments

Celebrating our wins, both big and small is important. As entrepreneurs, we often neglect this crucial step. Take a moment to step back, objectively evaluate your business, and determine if changes need to be made to better align with different seasons of life.


Critical Look at Your Business Effectiveness

Are you constantly moving forward without pausing to evaluate your business objectively? It is necessary to critically examining your business to ensure it is working for you. Only by doing so can we unlock our next level of success.


Building Relationships for Business Success

Building strong connections with your audience, clients, and those around you is vital for sustainable success. Authentic and meaningful relationships are valuable and can also lead to repeat customers and continued coaching opportunities.


Embracing Your Skill Set Over Appearances

In a world focused on appearances and material things, I encourage us to embrace our unique skill sets rather than solely relying on appearances. We need to have confidence in our skills as experts.


The Importance of Versatility in Business

Being versatile and adaptable in your business sets the foundation for success. I realized the necessity to pivot and shift to thrive in today's ever-changing business landscape. And be careful not to tie your self-worth solely to our business, understand the importance of continuous learning and personal growth, and the need to cultivate a well-rounded life outside of entrepreneurship.

Each growth chapter brings new opportunities and challenges. We have to find a community to provide support and guidance in navigating these challenges. There are positive and negative aspects of running a business, including those moments when we feel like throwing in the towel. Remember, versatility is key in business, allowing you to adapt and evolve to align with your desired lifestyle. We want to create business harmony with your life rather than have to find a way to fit our life into our business.


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