Using Free + Paid Branded Virtual Events to Sell a High Ticket Offer with Amanda Shuman

Season #1

Looking for a fun way to build your list and lead people to your signature offer, try branded virtual events.

In this episode, I chat with one of the members of my thrivemind - Your Success Squad, Amanda Shuman of CarryLove Designs about using free + paid branded virtual events to sell her premium offer...The Signature Experience (brand strategy + messaging, brand design, website copy + design and launch strategy and marketing.)

What's in this episode:

[00:01:13] Branded virtual events

[00:04:22] How Amanda promoted her free challenge event

[00:08:19] Mindset shift she made during promoting the event

[00:09:55] How much she charged for the paid event

[00:12:12] How much she made from the event

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